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Spheronization is a rapid and flexible manufacturing process for pharmaceutical and nurtraceutical products that produces ingredients in the form of small spheres or spheroids. Through the spheronization process, ingredients are isolated with an enteric coating which results in various advantages such as blocking oxidation, dust, and moisture, eliminating tastes and odors, and most importantly allowing the mixing of normally incompatible ingredients. The process of spheronization allows a number of active damp or dry ingredients to be combined into one collective capsule or tablet. The spheres also contain time release properties which allow the formula to release in different increments such as immediate, delayed, sustained, or compounded. 
Piveg, Inc. allows for an array of sphere customization options. Consumers may use their own formula or active ingredients utilizing Piveg’s technology, encapsulation, and spheronization process. Our production facilities are prepared to meet your quantity and specific product requirements.
Use your own ingredients or chose from our list of available ingredients:

• Alpha Lipoic Acid
• Niacin
• N-Acetly-Cysteine
• L-Theanine
• Melatonin
• Caffeine

Services & Customization